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تولیدکننده انواع سفال وسرامیک تزیینی


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?What is the production of enameled pottery


The first question that will come to you is:


?What is enameling on pottery


So Enameling on pottery is actually a kind of


.technology that has a long history



Enamel is mainly used on jewelry


.and decorative objects


But The charm of this art is so muchmuch that housewives


use it as a source of income.


Nowadays,  why many new designs are used in


enamelware to decorate it.


why Fancy patterns are one such design


which has recently


become fashionable in handicrafts and


Today, many housewives are doing this art in their


homes so that they can earn money because this


art is very beautiful and useful.


And in fact, this art is one of the handicrafts and


souvenirs of cities like Hamedan and Isfahan.


Isfahan is the


birthplace of this beautiful art. More enameling


can be done on copper.


Pottery motifs are stamped with dot enamel paint


and have a better effect on these dishes. This art


has many different types. Among them, we can


mention enameling on copper, gold, and pottery.


But The blue color represents enameling on pottery


and other dishes. Blue color conveys a sense of


calmness to the audience.


why Every original art has an identity and birth


certificate. Since enameling on pottery is not a


cheap product, it is better to buy its original type.


In the original type, the name of the work, producer


and other necessary why items are mentioned. In this


way, if you why want to sell later, you can do it more


easily. The point that should be noted is that this


original art was made by artists from Isfahan and


  • Hamadan.