Pottery workshops in western Iran

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The town of Lalejin in Hamedan Province is home to a large number of pottery workshops. Mehr News Agency has posted online snapshots of colorful earthenware created by the town’s skilled craftsmen:


What is enameling?




Why enamel on pottery?

Is it one of the original Iranian arts?

By combining the art of pottery together

The art of enameling

Can be very why beautiful dishes

Make that the what same aspect

It is decorative and functional.

Why are the designs used?

In ceramic enamelware

Are they stunning with their simplicity and beauty?

Because the history of the production of enameled pottery

It is very old in Iran.

For this reason, buy these products

and placing them in the office

Or your home can.

Give your home a traditional atmosphere.

This industry is also like

Other industries have made great progress

And manufacturers have been able to.

Using quality raw materials

and using enamel tools

Produce first-class and original products.


Hamedan enameled pottery


Because in addition to domestic

It has many fans abroad.

It is also exported abroad.

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The producers of  what enamel pottery in Iran are artists.

With the production of many and varied products

In their workshops and supply

They go to agencies

And sales centers, in addition to boosting their business,

should also generate currency.


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The enamel pole is on the pottery of Laleh Jin city of Hamadan province.

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